May 12, 2018

So it seemed to work best at the top left hand corner for me, so I was holding it in for awhile was in China so made it hard to find parts. Connected to an external monitor everything works fine. The machine has hardly any usage on it about hours asit was only used by my wife when she went on vacation. Hooked up to external monitor, everything fine. When you have a problem with the CCFL bulb, you still should be able to use your laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port. November 26, at 1:

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All main laptop and notebook parts explained

Find out how the keyboard is connected to the motherboard and how it can sony vaio vgn cr23g removed or replaced. Hi mine is hp elitebook p vg while working its display disapeared.

Did you get white screen with the original screen? October 7, at 7: If the AC adapter is OK and battery charge, but the laptop shows no signs of life, most likely this is motherboard failure.

In some laptops sony vaio vgn cr23g video card is a discrete module and can be removed or replaced separately from the motherboard. That means the LCD screen has to be replaced.

Posted in Laptop parts. Joseph February 3, Start the laptop, connect an external monitor and set the laptop to dony video on both screens.


I want to upgrade the laptop. Tried to hook an external to it but will not recognize it.

Most likely this is some kind of sony vaio vgn cr23g related problem. Nandu August 9, My concern is what would be the solution if the problem turns out to be the inverter? Tahir Khan Pakistan June 25, But the projector detects the signal coming from my laptop, yet there is no image projected.

Be careful buying new lcd screens cause they vzio not work on your laptop. July 18, at 8: Dell E screen went white for no apparent reason one morning. Crr23g find there is a tiny component labelled F1 but check with a multimeter it is through no sony vaio vgn cr23g circuit.

Dan Brown December 9, This has happened to several of my systems I manage and it was caused by a problem in the battery, even when the battery is showing a charge. July 18, at 9: June 1, at 7: When sony vaio vgn cr23g connect an external monitor and use the function keys to toggle, does this work before logging into windows?

During working and restarting it used to happen. Find out if the adapter outputs correct voltage. Can the cable be damaged inside?

LCD screen turned completely white

In most laptops the inverter board is mounted inside the display panel below the LCD sony vaio vgn cr23g. Nev February 2, Try replacing the cable. Sound like the cable? Connect an external monitor and test your laptop while the internal LCD is disconnected. November 15, at 4: I always tell peopleā€¦.


I am having a problem with my Compaq v Malwarebytes from this site: Hi I have a ibm thinkpad t 41 that upon start up goes to bios for a second then the screen turns white.

When you assemble the display back together, sony vaio vgn cr23g screen cover applies pressure on the LCD screen because there is a sont of per eraser between them. Hi, I have the same white screen on an Acer notebook, your vaip was very useful.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained | Laptop Parts

Hey, I had this problem just now. Emmanuel mwaba November 2, I recently purchased a new mains plug lead for the sony vaio vgn cr23g monitor as the other one kept making a crackling noise every now and then and the sonu would keep turning off. Giordano, This is not related to the inverter board. I dont know if the lcd is the main problem, a loose cable, mother board, or harddrive. I have a everex ave. If it is connectable, how do you connect it?

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