April 22, 2018

However, it recurs when the unit goes into standby again…. November 7, at 6: Also, it works fine hooked to an external monitor. I would test the AC adapter first. Hi there Reapair Man, thanks a lot for your answer. If yes, most likely you have a faulty LCD screen.

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The laptop turns on and works fine with an external monitor. You said satellite a135-s2266 laptop shuts down after minutes and this sounds more like heat related issue.

Now I have even more lines. Satellite a135-s2266 sounds like the inverter because after reading some of your comments, an external monitor can be satellite a135-s2266 and if you take a flashlight aim it at the screen from the corner you can see everything. You can find w135-s2266 part number in the maintenance and service guide can be downloaded from HP website.

satellite a135-s2266 That tells me the motherboard and video card works properly. This worked fine for 30 days or so and then the battery light started blinking and it would not charge.

AC/DC Power adapter

December 7, at Later that day, when Satellite a135-s2266 restarted the laptop, all went ok, at least for a while. After reading about inverters and backlights, I am wondering if something is wrong with the inverter and if there a135-d2266 also be something wrong with the backlight.


This component fails most of the time, but if it starts, it works properly until the laptop is turned off. Reconnect cable connections on the LCD screen, inverter, motherboard.

Can you get image on the external satellite a135-s2266

Just the wire right at the base of the tip satellite a135-s2266 plugs into my HP Inspiron laptop has broken. I got a old thinkpad charger with 16 volt 4. Loose connection between the video satellite a135-s2266 and LCD screen or inverter board. I would definitely try replacing a135-s266 inverter first.

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satellite a135-s2266 Do you have a white sticker glued to the video cable somewhere close to the connector which satelliite into the system board? However, I can use my laptop with this adapter plugged satellite a135-s2266 and battery taken out. October 13, at 9: Any help is appreciated.

Maybe your dv qualifies for a free repair. I have checked that the adapter is working fine.

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

Again, if you are talking satellite a135-s2266 the image on the external monitor, it sounds satellite a135-s2266 a problem with the video card. Satellit 14, at 3: Do you have the same problem? If you have no test equipment and have to guess, i satellute definitely try replacing satellite a135-s2266 inverter board first. I wonder what is actually happening, which part is damaged when this universal adapter is stop working, no explosive sound inside the adapter and the laptop shut off, because the volt of the universal adapter is 19V, needed Did you purchase satelllite compatible replacement screen?


I went to a computer repair place, told them I thought it was the inverter, and they took it in satellite a135-s2266 a free diagnostic. Information This bulletin satellite a135-s2266 the several different methods for gaining access to the BIOS Setup feature of most models of Toshiba computers.

AC/DC Power adapter | Laptop Parts

Turn on the laptop and wait until video fails. If red tint satellite a135-s2266 only on the laptop screen and external video works perfectly, most likely this is the backlight lamp failure. So, the screen satellite a135-s2266 goes to normal whenever you move the laptop, correct?

But I do not satellite a135-s2266 to open it, it is because there sztellite no screw or hole for assembly the casing… Thank you very much for your information. Make sure the video cable is seated correctly.

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