June 5, 2018

Solved the issue with the software Was this review helpful? Conclusion The Logitech Mb is a nice notebook mouse that offers Bluetooth convenience and an ambidextrious design. Logitech probably needs to review its driver suite though, for it is quite large and takes a while to download, plus it seems to have lost the panel for the programmable buttons with this device. I guess over the coming months some solu

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Write a review Ask a question. I have one catch.

The three large plastic glide feet are identical to what we saw on the V nano and provide a smooth logitech bluetooth mouse m555b as you slide the mouse around on a desk or mouse pad. Normally, I’d want to own something for a while before writing a review, but a few things occurred once I mousee this and started using it a day ago, plus there’ a slim chance of a bargain in the offing.

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse MB.

The battery life is also great, I haven’t had bluetpoth change it since I got logitech bluetooth mouse m555b about 5 months ago I use it for about an hour a day on average. Excellent Mouse – with a catch The MicroGear alloy scroll wheel allows for hyper-fast page scrolling or standard scrolling by pressing down on the scroll wheel. I’d tend to suggest the information is correct, for my laptop seems to have somewhat more battery life than before, but it was the liberation of a USB port and not having to use the dongle that were logitech bluetooth mouse m555b big attractions.

The bottom of the Mb is really quite nice compared to the tiny glide feet on most travel mice.

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b

I guess over the coming months some solu Hi Stew, give our Support Team a call on to assist with your Mb logitech bluetooth mouse m555b also to seek assistance with a refund oogitech the place of purchase.


I tend to use the elevator bars on a window for scrolling down quickly, and after trying the rapid scrolling once, found it less than useful and slower than the elevator bars.

The only obvious change to the exterior is that the color bluetoorh the mouse is now black and gray rather than silver and gray. Sometimes, logitech bluetooth mouse m555b Bluetooth drivers may bug up and you have to spend a couple of minutes removing the device and re-adding it, which can be a pain.

Would have been nice if case was provided and more buttons. Not enough buttons or features and quite small. After buying a Laptop PC for home, the logical thing to do was to buy a Bluetooth mouse from Logitech.

It is a Bluetooth mouse, the advantage being that it doesn’t tie up a USB port on your laptop. Write a review on ProductReview. Logitech bluetooth mouse m555b pressure is still required to bluetioth the buttons.

No regrets about the purchase at all – the mouse is responsive whether I use it logitech bluetooth mouse m555b my table or couch cushions, and so far I have had no dropouts or skipping where the pointer fails to move when the mouse does. I am migrating from my desktop to my laptop http: THis adds a tad more complication in that the customisation is made more complex because I could not logiteh the Logitech software installed under windows to over-ride the mouse controls of the Mac even if I make them work independently of each other logitech bluetooth mouse m555b is possible – the Parallels software seems to give less customisation for the mouse driver.

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse Mb | eBay

Also, the instructions that came with the device tell me that when paired and connected, the logiteech led should be on. What I didn’t know was that I’d be getting a mouse that was so different to the one I already had.


Used the MB with a Mac running windows via Parallels 6 or which ever is latest.

Well, the installation was reasonably easy but the tracking was a little jittery or imprecise. Overall a good mouse for a portable laptop, but wouldn’t recommend you use it for a permanent desktop or desktop replacement laptop.

Logitech M555b Review

Clicking the wheel sees it is possible to scroll down a long list very quickly by increasing the wheel movement sensitivity, but after trying this, it seems more gimmick than anything m55b5 I have logitech bluetooth mouse m555b this mouse lotitech 12 months and have been very unhappy with it.

It does not act like a normal “middle button” function which is typically activated when you click the centre wheel button. Your trust is our top concern. It constantly drops out from my computer logitech bluetooth mouse m555b has to be re-configured and reinstalled all the time.

I’ve bought a Logitech M and it is rock solid and just logitech bluetooth mouse m555b straight away. Solved the issue with the software Logitech probably needs to review its driver suite though, for it is quite large and takes a while to download, plus it seems to have lost the panel for the programmable mousse with this device.

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